What Causes Leg Pain When I Lay Down?

Leg pain at night could be caused by a number of illnesses, including arthritis or a torn muscle. But have you thought about the possibility that the issue may possibly be related to slow blood flow in your arteries and veins? Let’s examine how having poor leg circulation might keep you awake at night.

What causes leg discomfort during night?

You shouldn’t be concerned if your legs occasionally hurt from exerting yourself too much because it will go gone quickly. But, chronic pain that gets worse at night may be a sign of a more serious medical condition and may be related to your circulatory system.

However the sensations will be felt more strongly in your legs if blood flow is restricted or obstructed in the arteries or veins. Your leg probably hurts when you lie down at night because of these two problems, though a vascular specialist can determine the precise cause.

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