Venous reflux

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What is Venoux Reflux?

The function of veins is to return blood to the heart. There are two frameworks of veins in the legs – Deep veins (Those veins beneath the muscles) and Superficial veins (Those veins above the muscles).

Blood is normally pumped up the legs by the lower leg muscles, as it contracts when a person walks. The veins have multiple single-direction valves that permit blood to flow up the leg and not down. The valves additionally direct the blood to flow out of the superficial vein system to the deep vein system.

When the valves are leaking, it allows the venous blood to flow down the leg as well as from the dep system into the superficial system. Reflux is a term to characterize this anomalous blood flow. This prompts blood pooling in the leg veins. The pooling of blood causes the development of swelling and the formation of varicose veins.

Causes of Venoux Reflux

As the swelling becomes more chronic, it causes the skin to become thicker, firmer, and darker. This increases the chance of developing open sores, mostly near the ankles, called venous stasis ulcers. The above-described scenario of venous reflux has a medical condition named lower extremity (leg) venous insufficiency.

The most common cause of lower extremity (leg) venous insufficiency is reflux in the main superficial vein of the leg labeled the greater saphenous vein or GSV. The GSV stretches from the ankle to the groin where it connects to a deep vein, the femoral vein.

Symptoms of Spider Veins

Understanding the symptoms is an essential first step in combating this disease.

  • Leg Pain
  • Varicose Veins
  • Spider Veins
  • Leg Swelling
  • Open Ulcers
  • Skin Changes or Discoloration
  • Heaviness of the Leg
  • Tired or Fatigued Legs
  • Throbbing Legs
  • Restless Legs

Some effective treatments options are:

Assessment of Venous Insufficiency – Treatment starts with a formal evaluation by a cardiovascular surgeon. This entails discussing any ancestry of vein problems or clotting issues as well as utilization of anti-contraceptives or hormones. With today’s modern medical advances, patients can have easier recovery and reduced risk of complications. Our vascular care offices can provide both conservative treatments and surgical treatments to benefit your individual needs, conditions and lifestyles. Some non-surgical treatments include elevating your legs while resting and wearing compression stockings. When more aggressive treatment is needed, we offer sclerotherapy, phlebectomy, and VNUS closure.

Testimonies from our patients:

  • Excellent! The doctor and his assistant was very helpful. The treatment was fast and pain free. I will give them 10 stars!
    J. Campbell Happy Patient
  • The staff of the doctors were very knowledgeable and friendly! Can’t wait for my follow-up appointment!
    Debbie V. Happy Patient
  • Dr. Naifeh and his staff were terrific. They were very thorough and ensured that I fully understood the process, my options, and what to expect. Very pleased!
    H. T. Happy Patient
  • Texas Pain Vein and Vascular was such a great experience. The medical staff was courteous, kind and helpful. They provided me an education on the process. The doctor was highly-trained and qualified. What a pleasant experience – I would have never expected this level of care for treating spider veins!
    M. A. Happy Patient
  • My Varicose Veins treatment made one spot disappear within 24 hours. It’s only been three days and the other areas already look better too. The treatment works, it was not painful and I was in and out in less than an hour. Thank you!
    Valerie S. Happy Patient
  • The staff was very professional, nice and helpful. I would recommend to anyone looking for treatment of veins. I was very pleased with my service.
    Karen F, Happy Patient
  • I was very happy to learn that Dr. Naifeh offers advanced vein care for men. He took care of something I had tried to hide by keeping my legs covered. But now I am very proud to show off my legs!
    Steve Happy Patient

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