Unveiling Our Revolutionary Wound Care Program:

Where Healing Meets Holistic Transformation!

What we offer

At Texas Pain Wound Care, we’re redefining the way you perceive Wound Care. Our brand-new Wound Care Program is more than just a service; it’s a life-changing journey towards holistic wellness and rejuvenation.

Imagine a place where your wounds are not just treated, but your entire well-being is nurtured. That’s the essence of our Wound Care Program. We go beyond the superficial, addressing physical, emotional, and mental aspects of recovery. It’s where your healing adventure begins!

Common wounds we treat

Common Wounds We Treat:

  1. Cuts and Lacerations: From minor cuts to deep lacerations, we provide comprehensive care to promote optimal healing.
  2. Pressure Ulcers (Bedsores): Our specialized treatments prevent and heal pressure ulcers, enhancing comfort and well-being.
  3. Diabetic Foot Ulcers: Tailored wound care and diabetes management ensure effective healing for diabetic foot ulcers.
  4. Surgical Incisions: Our expert care minimizes scarring and accelerates recovery post-surgery.
  5. Burns: Whether it’s a minor burn or a more severe injury, our treatments soothe and repair damaged skin.

Treatments we provide

  1. Advanced Dressings: We use cutting-edge wound dressings to create an optimal environment for healing.
  2. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT): NPWT accelerates wound healing by promoting circulation and reducing infection risk.
  3. Debridement: Our experts remove dead tissue to facilitate faster healing and prevent complications.
  4. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT): For specific cases, HBOT delivers oxygen at high pressure, promoting tissue regeneration.
  5. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy: PRP is used to enhance healing, particularly for chronic wounds, by stimulating cell growth and repair.

Where we offer our services

Located in the heart of Dallas, our Holistic Medical Center is designed to be a sanctuary of healing. Our serene environment is conducive to relaxation and recovery, setting the stage for your holistic journey.

Why choose our services

Because we understand that true healing involves more than just treating a wound. It’s about revitalizing your body, nurturing your mind, and restoring your spirit. Our holistic approach ensures that you not only recover but thrive, embracing life with renewed vitality.

Every step of your journey is guided by our compassionate team of experts. We’ll be with you, supporting and empowering you to regain control of your health. We’re not just treating wounds; we’re transforming lives, one holistic experience at a time.

Ready to embark on your holistic healing journey? Discover the power of our Wound Care Program today and experience a whole new level of well-being!

Testimonies from our patients:

  • Excellent! The doctor and his assistant was very helpful. The treatment was fast and pain free. I will give them 10 stars!
    J. Campbell Happy Patient
  • The staff of the doctors were very knowledgeable and friendly! Can’t wait for my follow-up appointment!
    Debbie V. Happy Patient
  • Dr. Naifeh and his staff were terrific. They were very thorough and ensured that I fully understood the process, my options, and what to expect. Very pleased!
    H. T. Happy Patient
  • Texas Pain Vein and Vascular was such a great experience. The medical staff was courteous, kind and helpful. They provided me an education on the process. The doctor was highly-trained and qualified. What a pleasant experience – I would have never expected this level of care for treating spider veins!
    M. A. Happy Patient
  • My Varicose Veins treatment made one spot disappear within 24 hours. It’s only been three days and the other areas already look better too. The treatment works, it was not painful and I was in and out in less than an hour. Thank you!
    Valerie S. Happy Patient
  • The staff was very professional, nice and helpful. I would recommend to anyone looking for treatment of veins. I was very pleased with my service.
    Karen F, Happy Patient
  • I was very happy to learn that Dr. Naifeh offers advanced vein care for men. He took care of something I had tried to hide by keeping my legs covered. But now I am very proud to show off my legs!
    Steve Happy Patient

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