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1. Compression Stockings

Did you know that frequent use of compression socks helps improve venous flow out of the legs, promoting improved circulation in the legs? If you have varicose veins, the pressure from the stockings can also help keep your legs from becoming fatigued and achy by driving venous flow up to your heart.

But what if you spend a lot of time sitting down? Even there, compression socks can be helpful! Did you know that wearing compression stockings while traveling or lying down for a long time can lower your chance of developing a blood clot? They can also help throughout the day to lessen ankle and leg edema.

2. Quit Smoking

As you are aware, smoking is harmful to your health. We frequently hear about the negative effects of smoking on our lungs, but did you also know that smoking can lead to impaired circulation, which can make your ankles and feet swell? Continued smoking causes blood vessels to constrict, restricting arterial blood flow and drastically decreasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients that can reach your cells, which can result in swelling in your feet and ankles. Consult your health care physician about the most effective smoking cessation strategy. Hypnotherapy, nicotine patches, herbal cigarettes, or even just quitting cold turkey are some choices.

3. Stretching

Daily gentle stretching is an excellent approach to increase circulation in the feet and body. Stretching is beneficial for blood circulation and can be done while standing and sitting. Not only may it improve your blood flow, but it can also lift your spirits and possibly make you more flexible. You might even pick up how to do a backbend, who knows!

4. Posture

While it is simple to overlook our posture as we go about our daily activities, good posture while sitting and standing can actually enhance circulation. Is it a habit of yours to cross your legs over your knees? Do you find that standing with your feet off the ground is more comfortable? In that case, you’re not alone! Unfortunately, crossing your legs might actually restrict blood flow in your circulatory system because of the pressure it puts in one spot on the leg. Use a footrest instead, or try to keep your shoulders back and your feet flat on the ground.

Did you know that research has shown that proper posture can also help with better breathing because you are able to deeply fill your lungs, improve your mood, optimize digestion, lessen headaches, and even help prevent backaches and muscular pain? In addition to helping with circulation, proper posture can also help with mood and digestion. No one knew!

5. Managing your stress levels

We’re all impacted by stress! But did you know that your blood circulation can be impacted by the way you handle stressful situations in your life? Our cortisol levels rise as we experience stress, which over time may actually cause us to put on weight and put more strain on our circulatory system.

What then can we do? Look for a stress-reduction method that is especially effective for you! Find the most efficient method for reducing your stress, whether it be by playing soccer, singing, listening to music, lifting weights, vacuuming, or reading a book.

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